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Abstract MBA Thesis

Critical Success Factors For Medical Knowledge-Transfer Projects From Western To Resource-Limited Islamic Cultures

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In this research project, the author tries to define critical success factors for medical knowledge transfer projects between Western and resource-poor Islamic countries.
A literature review, preliminary interviews involving two project-experienced professionals with different backgrounds and the author’s own professional experience are utilized to create a questionnaire which is distributed to 107 employees of three major hospitals in Sana’a, Yemen during a live medical aid-project.
The results of this survey are discussed and further clarified using issue-focused interviews with two Arabic and two European professionals with experience in similar projects.
The identified critical success factors are used to create a checklist which can be used as a comparative tool during both the preparation and staff selection process for medical and other knowledge exchange projects.
Furthermore, the following general conclusions could be drawn:
  • The experience of participants of the above mentioned projects can be used to define critical success factors.
  • The selection of participants with outstanding communications skills and a well thought-out preparation process seem to be the main factors predicting the success of inter-cultural knowledge exchange projects.
  • The involvement in an organizational framework with experience in similar projects and professional preparation, promotion and monitoring of the project are advisable.

Further research should be carried out to prove the practical use of the checklist during the interview process in a live-project and/or to further develop it for use in other inter-cultural projects.

The thesis was submitted to ARU Cambridge in August 2010 and the degree of MBA Distinction was awarded in September 2010.


Click here to download the full thesis (PDF file)


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